Pronounced [HRO-kaar]

Symbol: A black circle with jaggedly swirled edges and an empty spot in the middle

Alignment: Neutral

Domains: Tempest, Life, Nature

Titles: The Stormcaller, Him What Beckons Onwards

Dogma: Hrokar’s teachings often seem harsh to those outside the faith, but he makes few real demands on his followers actions, but rather asks that they uphold a certain sort of stoic outlook. He is often seen as both a source of calamities and a guide through the trials such events bring. His faith has few rules, but many aphorisms whose wisdom tends to emphasize perseverance in the face of the uncontrollable. Where Woenta and her followers glory in the honing of the individual through conflict, Hrokar reminds his faithful to be mindful of the random, unpredictable tempests of life and that often such things cannot be fought, only coped with. Him What Beckons Onwards (as the Dwarves of the North Sea call him) coaxes his followers to push forward on whatever path they may be on without looking backwards for a non-existent sense of safety. He opposes stagnancy and complacency, but cares not for success or failure.

Organization: Hrokar’s followers are known as Hrokari. His church has no formal structure, but he is worshiped by beings of all races and his shrines can be found along roads, inside inns, on boats, and even the occasional lonely island. The Dwarves of the North Sea esteem him as both their antagonist and their patron, for it is believed that it was he who sent the storms that carved off the eastern coast of the western continent, plunging their mountain kingdom into the ocean and scattering them, only to bring them through trial and tribulation to Vhaduis, an island kingdom of astounding wealth, sheltered from the deep dwelling races they had warred with for so long. He is worshiped by travelers of all kinds, including merchants, entertainers, rangers, pioneers, and adventurers. He is also seen as the patron of hopeless causes, and many are they that might whisper a prayer to Hrokar before committing to a seemingly doomed endeavor.

“When you’re goin’ through the Abyss . . . keep goin’.” – A Hrokari travelling priest.


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