Pronounced [EE-drose]

Symbol: An orange flame on a blue field

Alignment: Lawful Good

Domains: Life, Knowledge, Light

Titles: The Flame Undying, The Soul-Forger

Dogma: A god of ambition, curiosity, and renewal, Idros represents and encourages those aspects of the spirit that move mortals to try new things, bring light to that which is hidden, improve their abilities, and create things that would not have existed otherwise. Thus, birth, rebirth, creation, discovery, study, invention, and industry all fall under his purview. The Flame Undying dictates that mortals strive to become more than they are and to learn about the world around them. Mastery of the self is more important than domination others. Fire can destroy, but sometimes this is necessary so that something new and better can grow. All fires die out with time, but the embers may spring ablaze anew with time.

Organization: The faithful of Idros are known as Idrosians. An immensely popular deity, Idros is worshiped by people from all races and walks of life, but is especially favored among dwarves (who worship him as Vikaz and claim that Idros is merely the name humans gave him when they adopted his faith), artists, craftsmen, good mages, scholars, poets, and inventors. His priests, called Flametenders, preside over ceremonies for the naming of children, the dedication of new works of art, spring plantings, funerals, and other occasions commemorating life and rebirth. They can be found in promoting the arts and running youth centers in many cities.
The central temple and authority structure of the church is found in Vacliffe, and monasteries dedicated to the deity are widespread. The church maintains a militant branch of crusading wanderers known as the The Order of the Lambent Ember. Largely composed of paladins and monks, they are charged to spread the faith of their god through example and most especially assist fledgling communities on the edge of the wilderness.
Though his clergy has something of a rivalry with that of Woenta for the faith of craftsman and other creatives, The Soul-Forger himself looks with a certain patronizing fondness on She Who Goads as a youth striking out on her own and trying to define herself in opposition to others.

Attributed to a Flametender:

“Our ambition should be to rule ourselves, the true kingdom for each one of us; and true progress is to know more, and be more, and to do more.”


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