The Named

The Named is both a martial order of elite operatives that bears no allegiance to any national government and the collective title of the ranking members of said organization. More than simple mercenaries, The Named act in strict accordance with the principles outlined in their code. Although originally formed with a main intention of safeguarding the public from monsters, they provide a variety of services including tracking down fugitives, private investigation, search and rescue, security, counter-terrorism, mediating disputes, community outreach, wilderness exploration and research, and more.

The order is funded by contracts negotiated by the chapterhouses with their clients. A percentage of each contract is given to the agent or agents who handle it, while the rest is used by the organization to take care of operational costs and provide services and support for it’s members. Recognizing that they could easily come to be viewed as dangerous loose cannons by the general populace, a good portion of their resources are spent on public works for the communities which they service. The order works to maintain the perception of its agents as altruistic knights errant, despite the necessity of negotiating payment for its services. Attitudes towards The Named varies by region, but they are generally well-regarded by the public, although occasionally less so by regular armed forces and law enforcement, who can see them as rivals or nuisances.

The Named maintain a policy of non-interference with governments and the law of the land, which is part of why they are allowed to operate practically anywhere. They generally stay away from cases involving government policy or corruption. However, there is a loophole in that they can be hired by representatives of said governments and act with their authority, and in cases where civilian safety is threatened their duty is to the protection of the innocent.

The Named are drawn from many walks of life and the order maintains that this diversity is a strength in dealing with the many different problems they come across. However, some backgrounds are more common than others. Some degree of martial skill is required, and many former soldiers find themselves recruited to the order. Bards are often drawn to the heroic narrative fostered by the order, and the skills of rangers, rogues, clerics, and paladins are all assets. Arcane magic users are welcome, with sorcerers being slightly more common than others. Aspiring full members are given the rank of Squire and apprenticed to the Brother or Sister who sponsored their candidacy. The senior member oversees their training while assisting them with contracts. Novices attend periodic training camps as well. Upon full admission to the order, they swear an oath to uphold the principles of the order, choose their name, and are bestowed an epithet.

Unlike Squires, fully Named agents may operate freely in any region and report to any chapterhouse. They often go where they are most needed, commonly traversing national borders to assist chapters that may be shorthanded. This wandering lifestyle isn’t for everyone however, and many members choose to be more or less permanent with one chapterhouse. Those acting as sponsors and mentors for Squires also usually stay in one region for the duration of their charge’s training.

The Named have chapterhouses in every major country, and have no admission restrictions in regards to age, race, or sex. Capability and adherence to the code are all that matters. Full members operate alone or in small groups and are granted a great deal of latitude and autonomy in handling their contracts, so long as they adhere to the code. Reports of misconduct by members is handled internally, usually by members from another region, and on a case by case basis.

The Code

I. Basic Principle – The Named are an organization above of the borders of nationality. Their duty is the peace and security of the citizenry.

II. Protective Duty – If a civilian’s life or safety is threatened, the duty of the Named above all else is to ensure their safety.

III. Client Interests- Having accepted a contract, The Named shall endeavor to fulfill the wishes of the client as long as it does not conflict with the first or second articles.

IV. Non-Interference – The Named have no authority over national entities or organizations recognized and authorized by them.

V. Hierarchy – In cases of overlapping or conflicting interest between agents on contracts, the ranking member’s authority will be recognized. The chapterhouses are available to help mediate disputes between members on request.


Squire, 8 Degrees

Named Brother or Sister

Major Brother or Sister

Senior Brother or Sister

Sage Brother or Sister



Arch Knight

The Named

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